The Mentor Network DSP- Eureka PT 3pm-7pm (20HR) in Eureka, California

DSP- Eureka PT 3pm-7pm (20HR) Primary Location: United States-CA-CAEureka Function: Direct Support Professional (Care Givers) Cole Vocational Services Description

The Direct Support Professional may be a full time or part time position and is considered non-exempt and paid hourly. The DSP (Caregiver) is responsible to provide direct support within a single program or unit within a program, typically supporting 4 - 6 individuals in residential settings, or up to 10 individuals in periodic programs.

The Direct Support Professional is responsible to provide direct support or assistance in accordance with individual service or program plans and may include socialization, health maintenance, medication administration and skill or behavioral development. The Direct Support Professional assists with day-to-day activities including personal care, housekeeping, recreational activities, transportation, community integration, shopping, citizenship, and other activities of daily living.

The Direct Support Professional generally works 16 to 40 hours per week as scheduled. The Direct Support Professional works at the program location and may accompany individuals into the community. Depending on the program, the DSP reports to the Home Manager, Program Supervisor, Program Manager or Program Coordinator or Program Supervisor


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to satisfactorily perform each essential function listed below.


  1. Training: Attends orientation and on-going training as directed; participates in monthly staff meetings.
  2. Employee Scheduling: Works scheduled hours; arrives for work on time; stays on shift until replacement arrives; notifies supervisor in advance when unable to work as scheduled or as soon as possible after the designated start time; may fill in for other shifts where required without causing unapproved overtime, or in the event of emergency.
  3. Teamwork: Works together with others, values others contributions; is courteous; communicates openly; listens; and shows respect to others.
  4. Workplace Safety: Complies with all established safety policies, procedures and practices and reports all work-related injuries to his/her supervisor.

Services and Supports:

  1. Direct Support: Provides direct support or assistance in accordance with individual service or program plans; assists with socialization and behavioral development, personal care, housekeeping, recreational activities, transportation, community orientation, shopping, financial management, citizenship, and other activities of daily living.
  2. Records: Accurately documents progress and activity; reviews records and logs to stay abreast of changes in service plans; maintains confidentiality; accurately and timely completes billing documentation as applicable.
  3. Management of Individuals’ Assets: Assists with money management, as assigned, and assures safety of individuals’ funds and property.
  4. Relationships: Maintains healthy and professional relationships with individuals, friends, families, guardians and case managers; greets family members and other visitors; implements Network Customer Service Standards.
  5. Reporting: Reports any instance of alleged abuse or neglect according to internal and external standards; reports medical, behavioral and other incidents in accordance with Network policy and external requirements.
  6. Rights: Maintains confidentiality, respects the rights of persons being served, according to the applicable bill of rights; practices universal precautions; assists individuals in exercising their rights.

Health Care:

  1. Appointments: May accompany individuals to medical appointments; relays orders and information to and from medical providers as required.
  2. Medications: If assigned, accurately administers and documents delivery of medications and treatments; promptly reports administration errors; maintains appropriate security of controlled medications and other medications and supplies.
  3. General Health Care: Monitors individual’s health; documents health concerns; communicates with nurse or supervisor as appropriate; calls 911 in the event of emergency; follows individual health care directives.
  4. Medical Supplies and Equipment: Correctly follows procedures in utilizing medical equipment; reports malfunction or disrepair.
  5. Dietary planning: Prepares or supports individuals to prepare food in accordance with planned menus and individual choice; knows special diets and prepares individual meals accordingly; monitors mealtime and correctly implements any dining plans.


  1. Vehicles: May transport individuals into the community; drives safely and according to local laws; assures proper use of safety equipment including seat belts, lifts and wheelchair ties; reports accidents to appropriate authorities immediately; reports accidents and safety concerns immediately to supervisor or maintenance personnel.
  2. Housekeeping: Performs daily and seasonal housekeeping as directed; maintains neat, clean and safe environment; reports hazards or safety concerns.
  3. Maintenance and Repair: Monitors environmental safety and may make minor repairs, change light bulbs, etc.; may perform yard maintenance including keeping walkways safe and snow removal; reports equipment or facilities requiring repairs to supervisor or maintenance personnel as required.
  4. Safety: Checks water temperature as required when assisting with bathing; participates in safety drills and protects persons being served in the event of emergency.


  1. Performs other related duties and activities as required.
  2. Employee may from time to time need to use a personal cell phone for business purposes and will be provided a stipend to cover the business costs of doing so.